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Introduction (I'd rather you improvise but you could use this if you must)

Richard Shillington has degrees in statistics and has conducted for 30 years research on health, social and economic policy. He has worked variously for governments, the private sector and NGO's.

He also comments for television, radio and newspapers on issues of taxation, human rights and social policy.


Richard Shillington has post-graduate degrees in statistics from the University of Waterloo. He has been engaged in the quantitative analysis of health, social and economic policy for the past 30 years. His research has covered several policy fields; health manpower planning, program evaluation, income security, poverty, tax policy and human rights. He has worked for several provincial and federal departments as well as commissions studying the economy, unemployment insurance, human rights and tax policy.

He appears regularly before committees of the House of Commons and the Senate. He also provides commentaries regularly for television, radio and newspapers on issues of taxation, human rights and social policy.

Internationally, Dr. Shillington has been doing work on social indicators for the Social Policy Development Centre in Pakistan and on monitoring human rights for the South Africa Human Rights Commission.

His proudest achievements are the awards;

- by the Statistical Society of Canada for the best Canadian Ph.D. Thesis that year;

- by the federal government for Citizen Engagement in Policy Research;

- by the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Mathematics for Alumni Achievement.

His significant policy impacts include;

- publishing research on the GIS clawback of RRSP savings. The resulting TFSAs are not the solution he would have picked for this problem.

- creating pressure for auto-enrolment for OAS/GIS by highlighting the number of seniors not getting the GIS they're entitled to.


Significant Publications:

An Analysis of the Economic Circumstances of Canadian Seniors (published by Broadbent Institute)
The report covers the following for seniors: poverty status and trends, retirement income and retirement savings. Feb. 2016

The Big Split: Income Splitting's Unequal Distribution of Benefits Across Canada (published by Broadbent Institute)
The report covers the distribution of the benefits from Income-Splitting for families with children. 2015

Defining Poverty and Determining the Number Poor Long-Term Trends
This report covers the changes in how Statistics Canada measures poverty related concepts - 2011.

Financial Literacy and the Take-up of Government Benefits
This report was prepared for the Task Force on Financial Literacy - 2011.

Cutting Through the Fog
This report, coauthored with John Stapleton,covers problems in the measurement of poverty.

Benefits From Public Spending (published by CCPA)
This report, published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was coauthored with Hugh Mackenzie and prepares estimates of the income distribution of the benefits from government spending.

The Income Testing of Seniors' Social, Health and Income Supports; The National Council on Aging

Measuring the Effectiveness of Employment Insurance; Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; Ottawa; 2004 (forthcoming)

Policy Options to Support Dependent Care: The Tax Transfer System; Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women; July 2004

Shillington, Richard (1999), Hit the Least Vulnerable in Cutting ‘MTRS’, Policy Options Vol. 20 No. 10; Institute for Research in Public Policy.

The Extent of Prescription Drug Plan Coverage in Canada; Health Canada

Adding Social Condition to the Canadian Human Rights Act: Some Issues, Canadian Human Rights Act Review Panel, Dept. of Justice

The Dark Side of Targeting: Retirement Saving for Low-Income Canadians, C.D. Howe Institute

Mission for the Millenium; A Discussion Paper, Campaign 2000 (an anti-poverty group)

The Tax System and Social Policy Reform in Remaking Canadian Social Policy

Financing Options and Their Gender Implications: Change the Year's Basic Exemption, Levy Contributions on a Wider Earnings Base in Roundtable on Canada Pension Plan Reform: Gender Implications

The Tax Treatment of Disability, for the Task Force on Disability Issues

Tax Treatment of RRSP's and RPP's in Roundtable on Canada's Aging Society and Retirement Income System; Caledon Institute on Social Policy

The Canadian Fact Book on Poverty - 1994, Canadian Council on Social Development.

Incidence of Taxes in Ontario in 1991 in Taxation and the Distribution of Income

Notes on the Federal Government's Supplementary Paper: Income Security for Children: Child Benefits; Advisory Committee on the Status of Women.

The Economic Profile and Labour Market Participation Patterns of Persons with Disabilities in Canada, Department of the Secretary of State.


Richard Shillington
April 2016

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