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Retirement Planning for the "Rest of Us"
For now a web-site - Presently, February 2010. I have a draft of a BOOK (which I thought might be published). I'll send the pdf file to anyone interested.

This series of web-sites gives retirement planning advice appropriate to those of us not lucky enough to have employer pension plans (the "Rest of Us").

This material was last updated Spring 2007 - so it's 'out of date'. It doesn't include information on TFSAs. There are new tougher regulations coming which affect the 'early CPP' decision.

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Biography - Curriculum Vitae - Picture (:}

Go Figure Documents - An occasional Newsletter on the quantitative side of social policy

How to e-mail Richard - the easy way

Some thoughts on Information and Public Policy

"Public servants have an easier time finding the public interest when we light the way with public exposure. - Moi"

"Torture the data long enough and it will do your bidding" - paraphrasing Kaiser Bengali

"Governments use, the weapon of quantity as often as the weapon of retention in order to sell their point of view. Factual attacks from the outside can be neutralized by a volley of governmental facts." - John Ralston Saul

"Nationally, the parties have become little more than advertising machines, competing for public support by much the same techniques of imagery as businesses with almost identical products use to compete for market share of detergents or banking services or whatever." - Tom Kent


Assets and Access to Disability Related Welfare
This report reviews the barriers which prevent families from assisting a relative on welfare because of a disability and the idea for an RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan) which would allow relatives of someone with a disability to save on their behalf.

A Short Note on how you measure E.I. Coverage along with some interesting data

A Review of how effectively (or not) governments support Dependent Care (caregiving)

How Lower-Income Canadians are defrauded by RRSP's Published by C.D. Howe Institute

Adding Social Condition to the Canadian Human Rights Act: Some Issues: Report for the Canadian Human Rights Act Review Panel

Social Exclusion in the Design and Administration of Social ProgramsOriginally published in Perception by CCSD

A note on the history of poverty and the poor.

Critque of poverty lines as seen by the Fraser Institute:

Critque of the MBM: officialdom perspective on poverty

or This was written right after the MBM was announced.

How you measure UI/EI Coverage affects what you get. Prepared for the Kelly Lesiuk Court Challenge of EI regulations.

Who gets EI Maternity Benefits - and who does not

Things that could be done
This is a list of various flaws, problems, screw-ups in the design of support programs which could be corrected. The list is selective to appeal to a broad range of political view points.

St. Christopher House Report
This report concerns my work as a "policy fellow" at St. Christopher House during the fall of 2000. Policy wonk meets real Canadians!!!

Social Conditions & Human Rights
This is copy of a report I wrote for the Review Panel on the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Tax Policy & Income Tested Benefits
Dealing with GIS take-up and retroactivity, maternity benefits and those seniors who contribute to RRSPs and get no benefit.

Letters to the editor and op-eds that I have written on these issues.

The Debate over Poverty Lines
Mostly letters to the editor and op-eds that I have written on the poverty lines issue.

The National Child Tax Benefit
Information about the Child Tax Benefit Changes Proposed in the 1997 Federal budget.

Public Administration and/or Public Purpose
At its best public institutions serve some vague notion of 'public interest'. In practice, political and administrative interests, interfer with and sometimes suppress the public interest.

In practice public policy is developed by a professional elite "on behalf of" or "for" vulnerable populations. Official Ottawa has little understanding and some suspicion of populations they appear to be assisting.

Honesty in Government Documents - Marketing Public Policy
Various documents and statements by governments which are clearly intended to mislead Canadians. If a department store selling appliances made the type of misleading statements like governments it would be criminal fraud. If an accountant knowingly misleads stockholders in the financial statements of a company, he or she violates the ethics of his profession.

When politicians or government officials mislead the is no one you can complain to. There is no code of ethics about misleading Canadians; indeed, this practice is considered standard procedure.


Federal Programs you should be aware of:

The GIS Story
How 300,000 low-income seniors got $500 million… will they get their retroactive payments?

Personal stories:
Current programs do not deal well with many seniors. Many lose out on benefits because they are unaware of them. When some of them eventually apply for those benefits, current legislation often limits retroactive benefits to 11 months.

These stories illustrate the problems.

Retirement Planning for the "Rest of Us"
For now a web-site - Spring 2007 a BOOK.

This series of web-sites gives retirement planning advice appropriate to those of us not lucky enough to have employer pension plans (the "Rest of Us").

The web-site includes advice for the "Rest of Us" on early CPP - take it - and RRSPs - cash out before you turn 65.

e-mail me at: richard@shillington.ca